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The way of Zen

" Zen - a word whose basic meaning is meditation, "

” Zen is also a philosophical school of thought that originated in China and spread to Japan, Vietnam and Korea, and from there to the Western world as well. Zen stresses the importance of meditation in acquiring enlightenment. The purpose of Zen is to apply the understanding that everything is in the eye of the beholder: there is no reality either in the cycle of life and subsequent decay and death (Samsara in Sanskrit) or in release from the cycle (Nirvana). In the many countries in which it was disseminated, Zen had a great impact on the arts: calligraphy, poetry, sculpture, theater, gardening and architecture.”

Sea Zen Glamping

On a high clifftop, facing the breathtaking scenery offered by the Sea of Galilee, the Galilee mountains and the Golan Heights, the circle concept of Sea Zen Glamping site came into being. The site features two round, gorgeous yurt-like cabins, a round private terrace with a round 2 persons Jaccuzzi Bath, a round tanning deck and a wooden bar, all situated on the clifftop’s edge facing the scenic vistas.

There, at the circle’s center and at the edge of the cliff descending sharply to the Sea of Galilee, facing a primeval landscape that leaves the observer speechless, Zen is a way of life.

What people say about us

What an amazing location, place, view and host. We had the best time and didn't want to leave. I truly recommend visiting there. I will come back again soon !
Ron Rabin
Great! Beautiful rooms and good hosts. We had good time
Amazing place. Clean. Tidy. The view is indescribable, beautiful. The owner is always available and gives you a the feeling you are welcomed like at home.